Exploring Births in the United States

Using Python dictionaries and functions to analyze birth rates from 1999 to 2010. “Exploring Births in the United States” is published by Jason Moore in Jason Moore.


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Mother of the Groom Gets the Best Man

Teresa’s Sexy Fantasies

Boy oh boy! He really was the Best Man

My Mother of the Groom duties, such as they were, had mainly come to an end as the dance got into full swing, and took Mark back to our suite and set him up. What a day, and thank god it was soon over, I thought surveying the happy crowd. But when John, my son’s Best Man, asked me to dance, I thought, what the hell?

I’d known John since he was a young teenager but hadn’t seen much of him since he and my son went off to college seven years before. John and Eric were inseparable as boys and roommates in university, but went off in different directions after graduating.

John was like a second son. Always a sweet boy, I felt a particular fondness for him because his braces, bad skin, and the nerdy hobbies he shared with Eric made him exceedingly awkward. And I knew his life wasn’t too easy for him in high school.

To see him now in his tux, clear skin, and perfect smile, you’d never know the boy he was for the man he’d become. I also knew he’d asked me to dance because Mark couldn’t. There’s the sweet Jonathon I remembered, I smiled.

When the boys were young we’d host the best parties. I’d drag John and Eric out with me onto the dance floor and keep them there for a dance or two, much to their horror and my great amusement!

Boy, those were the days!

That was when Mark could still walk. God, he’d make me so horny when we danced. He knew he was always in for a good fuck after the party because of it too, but we hadn’t done that in years either.

I missed it.

We hadn’t done anything in years, and I’d almost forgotten how I used to respond to him on the dance floor. Jesus, he’d get me hot, but that was a lifetime of shitty adult diapers ago now.

Watching John dance, it was almost as if I didn’t know him. He was so smooth and sexy as he gyrated to the music he was a different person. When he held me mom-close during a slow dance, I pulled him a little closer than I maybe should have, but I couldn’t help it. I’d grown horny after a few songs and desperately needed something. I was planning on abusing my toys, but when…

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