Enhancement Rather Than Replacement

Being a science fiction fan, the idea of living in the future has always had a lot of appeal, but I think I am starting to get to the point where what I want from the future are things that enhance…


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Partnership Details

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Data Access Worldwide, with whom we will collaborate to introduce blockchain and Decentralized Applications to the Enterprise software market.

Our Final Round for the nOS Token Sale Whitelist is open!

Similarly, nOS drastically simplifies the building of decentralized applications and business logic.

Together, nOS and DataFlex can reduce the complexity of development so businesses of any size or type can drastically lower development costs and time to deploy applications faster.

Data Access at Synergy 2017

This common objective to simplify development provides a natural opportunity for a productive partnership between the two entities. After all; blockchain and enterprise applications are two sides of the same coin!

Therefore, it is with great excitement that we announce our partnership with Data Access, bringing new and exciting opportunities to the world of enterprise-level decentralized applications and blockchain technology.

By sharing efforts and integrating each others’ APIs and technologies, collaborating on research & development of valuable use cases and co-presenting useful solutions to each others’ partners and clients, nOS and Data Access can discover and apply new use cases that combine blockchain with enterprise strategies and the applications that support them.

Data Access has an active community of business application software developer customers to which nOS blockchain-enabled DataFlex technology can be marketed for business development, and as an incubator for the creation or extension of real-world enterprise blockchain business solutions as success cases for the combination or integration of the companies’ technologies and products.

nOS aims to not only become the de-facto standard for consumer level decentralized applications, but also to build the fundamental infrastructure for enterprise level blockchain solutions.

Nick Nikijuluw, Managing Director of Data Access Europe, realizes that blockchain technology will play an important part in the future of enterprise-level infrastructures and business back-ends. Therefore, we’re excited to have Nick Nikijuluw supporting nOS as our Enterprise Solutions Advisor.

Nick Nikijuluw — Managing Director at Data Access Europe

Mr. Nikijuluw will advise and consult nOS on the field of enterprise solutions, and share efforts to make nOS the virtual operating system for both consumer and enterprise-level decentralized applications.

We’re very excited for the future of nOS and our collaboration with Data Access Worldwide and Nick Nikijuluw.

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