How to Hustle Like a CEO Minus the Burnout

People who achieve success definitely don’t practice work-life balance. Talent, luck, timing, and connections can contribute but one thing is certain: they work a lot. I don’t mean forty-hour…


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My Beautiful Home Town

How can I live my beautiful memories again? My childhood life was so perfect and full of happiness, which I really enjoyed the most back home. When I was between the ages of five to sixteen years old, I didn’t really care about anything or having any responsibilities. I remember that all I had to care about that I just enjoy my life as a kid, by going to school, attending church every Sunday, playing with my friends after Sunday school and going to my grandma’s house, where all my aunts and uncles meet to have a nice dinner and spend the whole day together with my lovely grandma. My school, church and grandma’s house are all located in Giza, Egypt, where I really enjoyed my childhood with my lovely people and family. the Beautiful days in my home town will never be forgotten

Being a kid and living with your family who really loves and cares about you is a beautiful thing. My family was always supporting me in so many different ways, trying their best to make me happy. I wasn’t worry about anything because they were always there for me as a kid to see my needs. That what really made me always remember my parents house and all my good memories. Every time I remember these memories, I just feel that all these beautiful things were happening the night before in my family’s house.

Seven o’clock every morning was when my Mom used to wake me up to go to school. My Mom loves me so much and she always used to make me breakfast every single day and help me to dress up to be ready to go to school. After that, the day started by getting out of my house to find some of my friends waiting for me, so we all walked to school as a group. How beautiful it was, when we used to spend more than seven hours every day in the same class. All we had to do just take our lessons and do whatever our teacher asked. Some of the days were special, when some of the teachers weren’t showing up or leaving class early, so we just killing the time by laughing, talking or playing some paper games. After we finished our day, my friends and I always used to walk back home and keep talking to each other on our way. At our age, we loved to play video games like crazy. In my home town, we did have some game centers, where kids can play video games and spend some time there for fun. I did it a couple of times and it was really nice.

The most important thing that l loved during my day in school, was when my Mom came to pick me up without telling me from the morning and I heard my teacher calling my name and telling me, your Mom is here to pick you up and she is waiting for you down stairs. I really loved this moment because I felt that I was special, and was just leaving before all of my classmates. My Mom was always nice to me, especially when she came multiple times to pick me up, so she always had to buy me some snacks or anything I asked for just to make me happy.

The days Mom used to come to pick me from school were the days all my aunts and uncles would go to my Grandma’s house. It was a good feeling when I got there and I felt they were all waiting for me and asked me how my day was at school. My uncles and my dad used to sit and talk while my aunts and grandma prepared dinner for us. We all sat and ate together with real love and having a good time because we only used to do that only once a week. After we finished our dinner, we always tried to spend a nice time together to go out to somewhere. We would go to the park sometimes or a movie theater and continuing having fun. At the end of the day, we all used to drive back to our homes, or stay at my grandma’s house for the following day. I also used to love this house, especially in holidays, we almost do the same thing or maybe a little more. The only difference was that my cousins and I had to buy new clothes in any holiday and go our grandma’s house then we go out full of happiness in our new clothes

My week was always busy, but didn’t miss any Sunday to attend my beautiful church. The church’s bell used to wake us early in the morning since my church was very close to my house. I used to start Sunday by waking up and leaving my house at seven in the morning. I had to go early to attend the mass from the beginning. It was really good to pray with my parents or friends and being blessed. After we attended the mass, my friends and I used to attend the Sunday school which was the most useful part of the day, so we could do some Bible study and keep reading or learn some more prayers. After that they used to provide us some food to eat and play any games or sports after. That’s how I was really missing my church and my friends who used to go to the same church with me. This day was a really big day in my week that I used to wait for.

So, that’s how I used to spend my time back home in my lovely town. When I was really young and had my parents, friends and school to support me and to understand how to become mature. Now I live in America but still remember the town I grew up in, the streets, the house and everything. When I remember anything from those days, I start to think and laugh. I wish l only could go back in time to live my childhood once again for just one minute and see all the people who l really miss or who passed away, and tell them how much I love them. Because of all the good memories that I had, I feel that my home town became a part of me, where I found all that good people that I still have in my life until now. When I used to walk to school with my loved friends and play or laugh in class. Where l grew up in my strong church to learn how to pray and become a good man in our society to help others and know what’s right and wrong. Also, will never forget my lovely Grandma’s house, and how spent so much time with my lovely aunts and uncles. Giza, Egypt is my home town, where is was born and grew up. In Giza, I loved many people and there are still people who love me. That’s why Giza is a part of me and l will never forget my beautiful memories or people there.

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