When Does The Magic Happen?

We throw around the words obsession and passion often, using them interchangeably. One is an idea or a thought that continually occupies someone’s mind, while the latter is an intense desire or…


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Is Your Health A Matter of Choice?

Some of the choices are obvious. You can close the curtains, open the closet, eat spinach, live in the city or sleep with chickens. Some are not so obvious. Why do you like the color blue? Why are you attracted to red-haired women? Why do you like being by the ocean?

When it comes to your health, which is it? Is the choice obvious or obscure? How do you know what your choices are? How do you choose something, the right thing, the timely thing, when things are always changing?

Your health is like the weather. Both are relationships between many elements in constant motion. Fortunately, a relationship, is something that you can enter, something you can participate in. What does it mean to enter a relationship with your health? It means you are willing to check inside, to see how you feel no matter the “weather.” When it is sunny, you might say, I’d rather sit inside. On a rainy day, you might say, I’d rather take a walk. And even if it is cold or you are tired, you might honor your feelings by dressing up warmly, wearing a hat and heading out. A relationship means you show up, check in, and decide on the spot how you wish to participate on any given day.

No matter what the weather, inside or out, only you know what is happening inside you! I’m not saying you know the information, the numbers, the statistics, the lab values. No, I’m saying you know how you feel. You may not have a word for how you feel, you may not have ever felt this way before, but still the knowing is there. You have feelings for a reason, even if they are messy, inconvenient and not good with words. Your knowing, your wisdom comes through your feelings, your experience and insight that is unique to you and cannot be known by any other person.

When it comes to your health, you can’t afford not to know what your feelings are. And you can’t afford not be the one to choose. Your health is powered by your choice! You don’t choose the weather and most likely you don’t choose illness when it happens to you, but, that doesn’t mean you don’t have choices. When you don’t feel well, it is so easy to wish for someone else to make choices for you, easy to think that if someone else makes all the decisions you will feel better. We all want to feel well and we want to know how to make that happen.

Change happens. Virtually unstoppable, really. Yet, if we test the prevailing winds, feel the weather so to speak, we can know what is happening for us. Even when we find ourselves in a situation that seems over our heads, something we know nothing about, our bodies can tell us where our choices lie. Let others make the chicken soup, drive you to the doctor and rub your feet. But save the choices for you and your body. You are the only one living in your body and will be the only one having to live with whatever choice you make.

No matter what the choices are, the BEST medicine will always be the medicine YOU choose. On finding the gap where those choices lie next week…

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