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Controlling Coding Standards. How And Why

Here are the rules we were starting with

Controlling Coding Standards. How And Why

A middle-sized outsourcing company QArea from Eastern Europe decided to use Duecode in several areas to fix with a coding standards initiative. These areas are:

QArea’s primary purpose was to start a company-wide initiative for better project control and accountability. It will result in a calmer work process, transparency and early issue identification, less negative risks associated with delivery.

Here are three rules we were starting with:

Each comment to a commit should have a short description of what has been done. The amount of symbols >= 30.

Less than 30 symbols

This comment doesn’t add any value by having a meaningful description:

30 symbols and more

This comment is OK as it describes what the developer worked on:

Without the mentioned ticket, it’s hard-to-impossible to understand what the developer worked on, looking at, and his commits.

It could be that the ticket was not created, so the working developer is doing isn’t tracked at all. As a consequence, it’s impossible to negotiate this work with the client or understand what the developer is working on and how to check his delivery.

Each comment to a commit should have a short description of what has been done.

The ticket is not mentioned

Ticket is mentioned

If a ticket isn’t mentioned, it’s impossible to attribute a code (delivery) to the issue in a tracking system (request). Thus traceability fails. It creates a wide array of issues that attribute to black-boxing the work. Less transparency = more risks = less control = less certain delivery.

The code quality of each commit deployed should have at least B code quality rating.

Code quality is C+ and lower (yellow, orange, and red zones)

Code quality is B, B+, A, A+ (green zone)

Standardized code quality is what we offer to clients. It helps developers that lack experience and skill, get feedback and correct issues.

Code quality is a cornerstone of high-quality delivery as less technical debt = less time spent on fixes = more value delivered to the client.

Duecode helped QArea to bring transparency into their workflow and develop a work habit for engineers. These lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Moreover, now the development process becomes visible for managers, helps them to see what happens with their codebase, and get valuable insights on each developer.

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