A good school allows uniqueness.

What is a good school? How is it measured? What should it result? Can schools make a difference?Usually, children spend 11–12 years of their lives in schools, not a short period of our existence…


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Thank you for coming! We want to say thank you

Thank you for your amazing support!

Yesterday you were all here to participate to our Health Tech Event : Fight Overweight & Obesity with Education, AI, Digital Platforms.

So we want to say thank you to our audience.

Special mention to Chris Clarke, CEO of HelloHealth Group and to Nikolaj Groeneweg, Founder of Cryptogenes for having been our guest speakers with captivating pitches.

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort Phuket and Withings as event partners for the event, and for their generous gifts to our participants.

The 51 Tasty Moments for their warm welcome and smiles.

This event was for us an achievement and represents the beginning of a great adventure!

We wish you liked it as mush as we did, and we are looking forward to see you for a next event!

More than 30% of the world population is overweight, representing more than 2 Billion people, it is time to fight this overweight and obesity epidemic!

The solution: let’s fight the world population overweight and obesity epidemic through education, A.I. and digital platforms.

iOS users ? Stay tuned, the mobile app is coming really soon on Apple Store!

More information about our partners and sponsors:

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