Fixing the Small Stuff

When you hit a big stuff problem create an issue to document what it is, where it lives in the project, and why it’s important. This is so you can discuss it during a standup meeting to prioritize it…


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We Must Start Believing Him

President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington.

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States has shown us who he is, we must start believing him.

The 45th President of the United States is deplorable. President Donald J. Trump has completely abdicated the moral authority that the office of President maintains. President Trump has shown us who he is time and time again. We must start believing him.

It is hard to keeping up with our manic president. Just last week he was on the brink of escalating nuclear tensions with the North Korean regime. He was also issuing threats to invade Venezuela. There are still multiple investigations examining the Trump Campaign and Trump Organization connections to Russia and the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The Special Prosecutor’s work is humming along. Congress is in a recess having achieved nothing and is headed towards a debt ceiling crisis and potential government shutdown. Meanwhile, the President’s cabinet secretaries are rolling back protections and regulations, declaring war on the environment, and looking past potential civil rights violations. The United States is stilling fighting war against ISIS. The United States is still engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan and yet our President is busy thinking of himself and only himself. We must start believing him.

President Donald Trump has a unique aptitude to gauge public perception, engage and enrage his most loyal supporters, and irritate those of us who think that the carnival barking coming from White House must be stopped. President Trump is not going to change. He will not pivot. He will not rise to the occasion. He will never become presidential. He will never put country first. He will not Make America Great Again. He is liar. He is a perpetual embarrassment. He is a national disgrace. He is a danger to the Republic. Enough is enough. We have to start believing this man and take corrective action. Our leaders need to think about the future of this country, rise to the occasion, and begin the impeachment proceedings to remove the cancer that is Donald Trump from office.

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