What To Do With Feedback That Hurts

It has happened to all of us. We’ve received feedback from another person that hurt just a little. It can feel worse if the person giving the feedback is a person you respect. If it’s a teacher…


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Extinct Animals in the Sahara

After animals go through the different stages of endangered, they eventually become extinct. Extinct is no longer in existence. In the beginning, many animals left the Sahara because they realized the hot and dry deserts were not for them. Today we are going to focus on five different animals that became extinct in the Sahara.

The first extinct animal is the Western Black Rhino. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was estimated one million black rhinos. By 2001 that number had dropped to 2,300 black rhinos. Hunting was a popular wide world sport which dominated these animals. Industrial agriculture came next which cleared many rhinos habitats and settlements. At the time, farmers viewed large herbivores dangers to their crops. Between 1960 and 1995, 98% of black rhinos were killed by poachers to feed the new demand for TCM. A WWF survey in 2001 found five surviving rhinos and that was the last time scientists ever saw a western black rhino. In 2011 with no sightings in a decade, the International Union for Conversation of nature formally declared that the western black rhino had gone extinct.

The next extinct animal is the Bubal Hartebeest. It was originally ranged in the Sahara from Morocco to Egypt. This species started to decline heavily in the 19th century. This was after the French conquest of Algeria. The last bubal hartebeest was shot in Morocco in 1925. These animals were described as uniformed and had a sand color. The horns were measured 43 inches at the shoulder and their horns looked like a “U” shape from the front.

The next animal is the African Lion. Although this animal isn’t fully extinct, it did become extinct in the Sahara. Many of these lions now are just kept in different zoos. There are different reasons why the lion is disappearing. The first reason is Habitat destruction. Many endangered lions live in grassland and forest areas of Africa and India. As the human population increases, lions habitats are destroyed to create more housing for us humans. An average lion is 4 feet tall at the shoulder. Lions are carnivores so hunting for food can also be a problem for them. Lions live in groups called prides. In a pride there can be from 3–30 lions. Lions are also viewed as a threat to livestock by ranchers. Ranchers may shoot lions or poison carcasses.

The next animal is kind of like the last one. This is the Scimitar horned oryx and it is extinct in the wild but you can still see them in zoos. They are reddish brown animals that can live to about 20. They live in herds from 20–40 and during migrations there has been even herds of 1000. They weigh between 220 to 460 pounds. A fun fact is their internal body heat is 116 degrees Fahrenheit so they can survive in the desert and conserve water. They became extinct in the wild because of loss of habitat. Now you can only find them in some zoos. They eat grasses, herbs, juicy roots, and buds.

The last animal is the dama gazelle. They are also called the mhorr or the addra gazelle. These animals weigh between 88–190 pounds. Due to wars in their ranges, habitat destruction, and human and livestock population, they are now extremely rare and by now they could be extinct. They can live 15–19 years. A fun fact is gazelles can be often observed bouncing into the air with all four hooves off the ground at the same time which is called stotting.

In conclusion, there are many animals endangered in the Sahara right now and way too many extinct. We can help save these animals lives but not disturbing their peace and building homes around where they live. Everyone should watch out for these animals and if you live there you should especially know to not kill these animals.

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