Autossh Port Forwarding

With more and more workloads moving to the Could I find myself in need of connecting to databases or other services that are not exposed on the internet and there is no VPN setup. To do this I tunnel…


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Dark Or Light Side?

What side do you spend much of your time?

Queues for the Dark Side wrap around the block.

Waiting to gain entry are the droopy lot.

Hands stuffed in their pockets, grimaced faces establishing their Dark Side persona.

Eyes glimpse towards the Light side, not so appealing, a shorter queue implies

The Dark side is where people seem to want to be.

What is the Dark side like, you might wonder?

What makes it so enticing?

It is not a happy place.

The décor is dilapidated and damp, encouraging regrets to breed like mold.

Webs of sorrow and victimhood suspend from the corners of each room.

Sadness limply finds solace on the grungy sofas.

Even complainers have a space to whine.

Is it easier to get in?

Are there simply more Dark side people?

Is Light and joy no fun?

What is it?

The Dark side can be quite persuasive.

It promotes success and happiness on its side.

Work hard, long hours, and staying perpetually busy the Dark side suggests.

Concealing the fact that the Lighter side is where it is actually at.

If you are the few who joined the Light side queue.

Perhaps it was shorter or chances of getting in were greater.

As the Light side, is just that, lighter, brighter, and sweeter.

The Dark side will try and lure you back, tug at your guilt strings.

Reminding you that the Darker side is where success thrives.

Though it neglects to mention.

By remaining on their side life loses its vitality.

You will spend your life chasing happiness, and success will never be enough.

Hard work occurs also on the Lighter side, though it is not soul destroying.

It’s soul lifting.

Sweetness and light can only get you so far in life, the Dark side screams from across the street.

With a wink and a smile, the Light side knows better as it waves its patrons in.

Take 3 deep breaths.

Notice how your body feels on the Dark side, when worried, pressured, or overwhelmed.

Heavy, tired, tense?

Then recall a light moment in your life.

How does your body feel now in the Lighter side?

Warm, light, soft, energised?

Most of us fluctuate between both, Dark and Light.

Ask yourself, where you spend much of my time?

If it is the Dark side, commit to increasing the amount of time spent on the Lighter side.

Take deep breaths, slow down, pause often, step away from work.

Limit your social media time, read absorbing books.

Listen in.

Little by little you will, without effort, move towards the light.

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