The Blackface Syllabus

To quote Paul Bove in the chapter on “Discourse” in Critical Terms for Literary Study, discourses “produce knowledge about humans and their society,” and an analysis of discourse aims to “describe…


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New York schools are raising food on campus to fight inequality

A few public schools in New York City are letting students use spare classrooms and open area on campus to grow food. This is part of a nonprofit program called Teens for Food Justice. The purpose of this program is to provide healthy and affordable food to students by letting them grow and harvest vegetables on campus and have the school cafeteria prepare the food.

Quite a few public schools students lack access to affordable healthy food. Traditionally we would expect schools only to teach students skills and knowledge. However, the founder of the program said schools can also take on the responsibility to make sure students are consuming healthy food.

In addition, students ca also acquire soft skills such as collaboration through growing food with classmates. When they feel like they are making a difference, they will build confidence.

In my opinion, this program can both serve as a course to teach students living skills and be a form of after school activity. If possible, Teens for Food Justice can also try to introduce the program to private schools so that rich kids can also have a taste of producing food and maybe even give the food they grow to poor communities.

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