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Google App Script Reading and Writing Excel Sheet

Welcome to my blog again. This time I’m here to teach you Google App Script

Today we will see how to write data validations & adding dynamic dropdown in excel sheet.

Data Validation Image

After clicking on Data Validation below image will come-up

Today our main focus is on second approach that is, google app script. I’m assuming while reading this blog you have prior knowledge to google app scripts.

In this blog we will use SpreadsheetApp class from google sheets. Below are the methods which will be used for reading and writing the sheets.

We will understand this class and above methods one by one.

2. openById ( fileId )

3. newDataValidation ( )

4. requireValueInList ( range, showDropDown)

5. setDataValidation ( rule )

Below is the example code snippet that will access a sheet and will create a dropdown in Sheet1 using Sheet2

Code Snippet

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