Bucks County Registers of Wills Petrille to lead group

Don Petrille was elected president of the Register of Wills and Clerks of the Orphans’ Court Association of Pennsylvania Bucks County Register of Wills Don Petrille was elected as the president of…


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Practicing happiness to boost your success

Almost now every person tired with their routine and living in a stressful environment which is killing their productivity. As most of the people think that hardworking is compulsory for success and as you achieved more success you become happier. But in reality it is opposite. Actually, if you happy, then your positivity increased and you will be able to gain more success.

Last time, I was feeling like that I was not being able to do my PW on time and I have to do the late submitting the PW. I have so much negativity around me that I lost the grip on the workload. But after taking the online course about the positive attitude and watching the TED talk by Shawn Anchor, I decided to take this task as a challenge, I made the positive thinking that if I will be able to submit this project work on time, in a result I will learn about the time management.

Now, in this weak, I am trying to me happy and more positive. For this, I decided to do some exercise and to do some random act of kindness. For exercise, I decided to play cricket daily in between Asar to Maghrib prayer. By doing these activities, now I feel much positive and happy. In a result, it helps to be more productive and to enjoy the life.

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