Google Calendar API in Your Application without Oauth Consent Screen

Short summary about how to use Google Calendar API to CRUD Events in Google Calendar Impersonating as other users. An Meeting Room booking app running internally in all of our offices. Employees and…


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Big Design Up Front and Bean Throwing

Happy Setsubun! The day when Japanese people throw beans at demons to make them go away and bring in good luck for the new season.

This morning I learnt about DevOps teams in Lean UX. A DevOps team lets big companies operationalise design at scale. But they have to be aware of falling into non-Agile practices such as
BDUF (Big Design Up Front) and delivery-based work are just two examples.

Due to a busy lunch break trying and failing to book cinema tickets using a coupon I had (a countdown timer to change my phone number said I would have to wait 2332800 seconds, or 27 days), so I decided to give up on that. I did spend a quick 5 minutes though working with my button layout in Figma where I actually made a quick change that worked. I have a primary and secondary button that each needs different coloured text/icons in order to be easily readable. I managed to fix my buttons so that icons with only a single colour variant worked, but it didn't work when I used an icon with more variants, i.e. a heart icon with fill, no fill as well as light and dark variants for each. I will keep messing about with this over the weekend though to see if it will work!

The evening I took off and went on a date night to see a Korean film called Special Delivery. It came out a year ago but it's only just available now in Japan. I don't know why either.

Cheers for now!


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