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Cold Calling vlog Day 4

So its day four of my 10,000 cold calls project and I have had to make a difficult decision. I have been trying to recover from a cold this week but it's starting to look like a losing battle. After seven hours on the phone yesterday I realised that my sore throat and persistent cough is actually getting worse. It seems that I am pushing myself to a point where I am unable to recover. I have therefore taken the difficult decision to take a break for a few days, rest my voice and attempt a full recovery.

This dilemma was the classic emotion versus logic argument. On the one hand, I firmly believe you should push yourself to the point of being uncomfortable in order to test your limits and achieve your goals. On the other hand, pushing yourself too far to the point where your health suffers is counterproductive. At this point it now seems that I am doing more harm than good.

Because my voice is my main tool for this cold calling project, preventing a full recovery from a cold is very foolish and actually positions me further away from my target. I can make more calls in the long-run if I am 100% recovered. However, battling away at 50% capacity and prolonging my ill-health will actually reduce my rate of cold calls for longer. Once my health returns, I can always make up for lost time by making more calls. No amount of calls you make can get your health back in the future.

So today's video should demonstrate the importance of not being blind to your health. Tenacity is important, but maintaining good health is vital. Your ability to commit to hard work is totally dependent on it.

Watch day four here:

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