Nonverbal is powerful

Whenever you opened up a website, a blog, and an app, before reading anything you get the impression from its interface. You might not be reading anything, still that website is communicating to you…


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The Hype

“Don’t believe the hype.” -Twenty One Pilots

All I want to do is write for Medium. But I also want to make money doing what I love. I started this journey believing I can do both.

But I, like many of you, have now read countless articles telling me which way is best for optimizing content production and diversifying streams of income. And that seems to be all there is. So here is something different.

I want to support myself, but I also don’t want to turn my life in six different directions at once to do that. What if I start with one platform for a while?

What if I want to publish in any publication on here, any time I want? Is that a reasonable goal? What if I want to be the next name of Medium? Even if I don’t, what if only focusing on this is just… better?

Now don’t get me wrong, I know why diversity in my online business is important, and maybe even vital. I mean who knows the future of Medium? But everyone seems to being airing on the positive side so I’m not entirely worried.

Maybe I’m being a bit of a pollyanna about this. And maybe I’m not. I don’t really care either way because above all else I should write in a space I feel passionate about. My best content comes out of it anyways, so why not?

I’ve only just started trying to make a name for myself (and in no way am I’m in search of any fame). So it seems a bit ludicrous to be posting my third article while also building my email list and pitching on UpWork for two hours (to people who may or may not even pay me).

Wouldn’t that time be better spent writing an article that could get me into say, The Writing Cooperative or Age of Awareness? What if I went against the advice and made a living off Medium alone?

I don’t really know what that would look like, nor do I care as much as some may think I should. But it sounds enticing.

And if I’m being realistic, things wouldn’t go according to plan if I had one. Trying to create one two weeks in seems naive, not to mention an exertion of too much control, too soon. I barely have a platform. Once I do, this might be a different story. But that’s then and this is now.

So I have no idea what’s going to happen and neither does anyone else claiming to have the best plan for becoming a freelancer. Everything that works, works differently for everyone who tries it.

Besides, I’m a writer, not a balancing act.

Don’t fall into the pressure of building an online empire right away. Your time will come. For now, pursue the highest good you can achieve, and then go from there.

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