Rabin Karp Algorithm

Rabin Karp algorithm is an algorithm used to efficiently search for a pattern in a string. Given an input string text and pattern pat, using this algorithm we can find substrings of text that is same…


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How to Track Your Time as a University Student

You all have the same amount of time available each day. While this may seem like a simple fact (well, it is), realizing the implication of this is extremely important. You dictate how you spend your time. Are you using it the same way Bezos, Federer, or your idol are?

The issue with time is that in life, it seems as if it isn’t constant and continuous. Some days fly by, while others seem to never end. Humans are naturally bad at determining how long we spend doing our things, which can lead to skewed understandings of where we allocate this precious resource.

As I mentioned before, I do not timebox my day (more on this here). Instead, I simply keep a daily to-do list of tasks that I intend on completing. While this is a simple but effective way to stay on track, it doesn’t give you a full breakdown of what you do in the day.

I recommend experimenting with a time tracker to truly see where you are spending your time. Clockify is my application of choice — it’s simple and effective.

Additionally, a typical time waster among students is the dreaded smartphone, infamous for eating up hours as you scroll through the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Installing some sort of time-tracking app (I use SPACE) is helpful. It’s quite enlightening to see how many times you actually open your phone (even with the systems in place, I still regularly check my phone over 80 times in one day.

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