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Is secret a burden?

We are starting to talking with our friends as : “Can you keep a secret?”. Then, computer algorithm starts.

The secret needs a key to open

If he/she says “yes” we may ask another question as: “Are you serious?”, then he/she says: “You can trust me.” Then, we can talk about our secret. And, finish our talking with him as: “Please do not share about this subject with anybody.” If we go to beginning and if we get an answer to our famous question as : “NO.” then, we can say: “See you tomorrow.” Did you heard this answer of “NO.”. I can say NO.

Anyway, today I am going to mention about secret and their physicology. How secret affects us? By the way, I am not mention about the famous book of “The Secret” which is written by Rhonda Byrne. The subject of this book is different issue than that of this essay.

Nobody can read any person’s thoughts. Jests, mimics or body language can give a clue for thinking of them but it is really difficult even impossible to read exact thoughts. Are those thoughts secret?

How can we define the secret? Based on the Oxford dictionary, the secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others or not known or seen or not meant to be known or seen by others.

The secret can be divided into two categories with category A and B as follows:

A. The secret belongs to one’s own.

B. The secret belongs to another person.

If somebody shares the secret with another one, the spell is broken. And, it is not a secret anymore.

Based on the book (Incognito, The Secret Lives of the Brain) by David Eagleman, who is a neuroscientist, “The secretiveness is harmful for the Brain”. This sentence is originally transferred from the book by Hershell Raff (Physiology Secrets).

The secret must be defined in a correct way by a person. Which one is secret and which one is not? Imagine that there are two good friends. One of them has a secret but it is not exactly a secret. If one of them does not share his/her secret with another one. And, another one learns this secret from a third person. So, they can not trust each other anymore. The friend who learned his/her friend’s secret from a third person, never trusts the friend and never believes his/her talking. Now there will be always a doubt.

Nowadays, it is really difficult to keep a secret. Do you know why? The main reason is the presence of social media. Everybody tries to share their secret with others, even with the world. Sometimes, when you share a secret more than 1 billion people can have it. Everybody knows everything is about you. As we mentioned above part of this essay, it is not a secret anymore. You are sharing your secret to lighten up but you may get regretful after that. Because it is impossible to delete peoples’ memories. Do not forget that mysterious life makes you more attractive. People may like your sharing, namely secret, you may get happy but this emotion is not a real, it is virtual. After for a while, you may forget but as I said peoples are not forget. It is a temporal feeling.

It’s easy to talk about your secret with someone you don’t know. For example, if we meet someone on the bus or plane, we can share our secret with them. Because he doesn’t know anything about us and won’t reveal our secret. We can talk about our relatives, our wives/husbands, our children or our love. Thus, sometimes we release our secret on internet to share it.

Do not forget that the walls are good listener for your secret. But they do not speak, they never speak.

So, why we are sharing our secret? Because, the secret is burden. We are trying to get lightened ourselves. Be careful when you a get a top famous question in the 1st paragraph and if you says “yes” as an answer. You must know that you will have a burdening.


1. D. Eagleman, Incognito, The Secret life of brain, domingo, 2022.

2. Physiology of Secret.

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