What Separates the Genius of Steve Jobs From the Selling Ability of Elon Musk

A business genius who always impressed me was Steve Jobs, his life dedicated to creating concepts and putting them into action is proverbial: Apple and the company’s spin-off products, such as the…


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10 Awesome Stationary Gifting Ideas

It feels really great when you surprise someone with a gift item of his or her need. Moreover, gifts related to stationery are always delighting to our loved ones. As we all know that gifting a pen or diary has gone old as new and funky gifts have been introduced to revolutionize the stationery gifting market. If you know someone who is fond of unique stationery products as we are, look at these awesome stationery gift items that are available online.

A personalized passport cover

Cover your passport with a fancy-looking case to travel in Tashan. Yes, you can gift a passport cover that is made of some sparkles and tags. This can be unique as well as a useful gift for the one who is very close to your heart.

A unique bookend

Imagine a tiny superhero bookend that is holding the weight of vertically standing books. Online gifting market is flooded with those kinds of gift items. You can purchase a unique bookend gift for a friend who loves reading books.

School Bag Shape Clock

Bring him his old memories back with this school bag-shaped clock. It is both practical and nostalgic gift that can be preferred to make your friend happy and stunned. Get this affordable clock only on

Amazing bookmark

Gift them a bookmark, made in super crazy designs like the one that designed in the form of a lamp spreading its light on a book.

Phone case with a quote

What can be a better gift than a beautiful case with an outstanding quote written on it? Find a unique phone case and surprise your friend with the one.

Cassette lamp

Cassettes are from those old inventions that have pleased our ears with so many old musical hits for years. A lamp, crafted from old cassettes, will be an interesting and stunning gift for your best friend.

Do your favourite person love sipping coffee in a mug? Yes, a quoted coffee mug can be a perfect gift for a coffee or a tea lover.

Lovely coffee mug

Crisp Planner Pad

It would be a great idea of presenting a planner pad to the friend who works according to the plans.

Crazy elements coaster

Have you seen those coasters designed in the form of smileys or Rubik’s cube? Get one of those coasters from any of the online gifting portals like Goodease and surprise your friend with that one.

A friend, whose birthday is coming and he/she loves writing things in his/her notebook. So, nothing can be better than gifting a perfect and fancy notebook to that guy.

Fancy Notebook
Fancy Notebook

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