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PhotographyTalk Scholarship

Photography is more than just taking pictures and putting them in a frame. It is about encapsulating the world we live in today and being able to preserve it for years to come. It amazes me that we are able to capture memories of our lives and keep them forever, exactly as they were when we encountered them first. Memories can be forgotten and tampered with, but pictures tell the truth of the world.

Photography impacts each and every one of us in a unique way. Personally, I found my love in nature photography. Living in Michigan, I can agree with its “Pure Michigan” reputation. I walk down the street and see 1000 different things that are breathtaking and worth photographing. I started to take pictures of everything I saw that was beautiful and it made me start to really appreciate the beauty of my pure state. I had so many pictures that I felt needed to be shared so I started an Instagram page called Pure Michigan Photography. It was difficult to get my page started and to get a following to be able to spread the love of nature photography with, but I saw every follower as another person that I could influence with the wonder of photography. Sure, some of my friends laughed at the fact I would only have twenty followers, but I knew that those were twenty people I was able to show the perfection of Michigan. I have now gotten to the point where I have over a thousand followers and I am grateful that I can spread the love and appreciation of photography and Michigan to those thousand people and hopefully more to come.

I thrive in photographing nature, as it is what I love to do. I look at every piece of nature and see beauty of some sort, whether that be in flowers and sunsets, or less obvious forms of beauty such as overgrown fields or rocks in the sand. I can see elegance in things that others aren’t able to see, and I want to be able to spread that joy of nature to others. This being said, I am not a professional photographer by any means and have many weaknesses. One of my larger weaknesses is the ability to find different angles to capture my pictures at. The angle of a picture changes the entire perspective of the scene. I am trying to learn to be able to see nature and not just take my pictures at a normal eye level view. I want to experiment with different angles and see how each picture’s perspective is changed and how the story of the photograph changes with differences in angles.

In five years, I have high hopes to be out of college and applying to medical schools. While doing this, I still plan to be very active in my journey of photography and want to keep my photography alive. It will be a long journey to get to medical school, but with my hard work and determination, it is definitely possible. This road is possible, but expensive. This scholarship will help me get there and be able to make a difference in the world in a different way then I am now. Currently, I am making a difference with my photography, and later I hope to make a difference in the medical field. This scholarship will help me get there while continuing my current passion of photography.

I want my love of photography to be spread to people who haven’t had the privilege to appreciate how powerful photography is. With my Pure Michigan Photography Instagram page, I want to be able to influence more than just my Instagram follower base. I want people to see Michigan as the truly astounding place that it is and take care of it. In today’s time, there is a lot of industrialization and disregard for nature’s health, but if I can spread the beauty of Michigan, I hope that people will begin to protect my state and keep it clean and healthy. I want to improve the standard of our planet and influence people to love the place we live. The more love and appreciation for our planet, the less pollution there will be. This will keep nature beautiful and it will continue to thrive, so we can continue capturing the essence of the beauty it really holds.

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