How to Plan a Thinking Meeting

Optimal duration and preparation for requirements workshops and other meetings that require thinking, analysis and problem-solving. For business analysts and facilitators.


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Issues To Avoid When Implementing Microservices

Any organization implementing microservices may encounter implementation issues. We will discuss here the following list of issues:

The above items are just some of the issues that an organization may face if Microservices are not implemented correctly. Most organizations have corporate governance standards that dictate how technology should be implemented — manageability typically being the primary corporate concern addressed therein.

Although Microservices are powerful, if not managed properly they can turn into a big problems for an IT department to manage. For example, when web services launched, they were available in 2 versions SOAP or REST. Most SOAP-based, SOAP envelopes were so complex that ultimately the industry standardized on the far simpler REST-based web services format.

FlowWright has been monitoring microservices trend since 2012, and noting where cusomers have implemented microservices in order to understand both what works very well and what considerations lead to suboptimal outcomes. This research has led to real insight into what works and what does not. When microservices were designed into FlowWright version 9.6, architectural decisions were based on customer feedback and experience. It took 9 months to design and develop the perfect microservices solution for users to design and implement with FlowWright. We spent years researching and months implementing so that FlowWright users can build, implement, and deploy microservices with confidence.

As you may have gathered by now, the 9.6 version of FlowWright includes a massive upgrade with respect to support for microservices, but it also includes a completely new user interface upgrade. Join the FlowWright community and take advantage of low code business process automation!

Have questions about how Microservices can work for you? Let’s Talk!

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