Menjelma Lagu

ingin menjelma lagu-lagu itu yang tanpa disadari merampas hari kerjamu, akhir pekanmu, atau menenggelamkanku pada sungai deras pikiranmu yang (entah mengapa) seringkali membahayakan hidupku


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Linear Regression

.. with Stochastic Gradient Descent

This code builds a simple Linear Regression Model based on Stochastic Gradient Descent method, to predict the son’s height given the father’s height. Here we shall use the SGDRegressor from scikit-learn.

Top 5 rows of the data set

x = dataset[‘Father’].values.reshape(-1,1)
y = dataset[‘Son’].values.reshape(-1,1)

plt.scatter(x, y, color=’g’) # Scatter-plot of X & Y as in Step 3
plt.xlabel(‘Height: Father’)
plt.ylabel(‘Height: Son’)

Scatter plot for prediction of Son’s height based on Father’s height

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