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Data analytics has become a game-changer in most modern industries over the last few years. Enhancing customer experience is the critical application it offers. With smartphones and associated…


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Project work

Activity: Khudi and self-learning through your own blog

Example of Edhi SB Life:

The examples of Edhi SB are countless but I like the most that he was a hard worker person and he not consider any work Small or large. He was not educated person but he help the people and manage the work efficiently

He do work in small cloth shop he work from the heart for the shop neatness and cleanness as well. He earned five rupees and gave 4 rupees to his mother and 1 rupee he saves.

MY LIFE example:

I am not a hard worker but smart worker at the moment I had done 2 3 jobs and earned money as well I paid my bachelors fees as well but at this moment my parents don’t force me to work but I do for my extra pleasures while working one day my boss said to me spend your money at home instead of pleasure and friends. After doing this activity seriously I felt extremely light and comfortable and face of my mother was super excited when I put my salary in my mother hands for first time but after seven months of earning.


I learned from Edhi’s example that pleasures are not more than impotent from home, the family is more priority then friends and had saving for sudden moments.

My Goal/Achievement:

· I suppose to eat healthy food

· Physical fitness

· Less chances of viral disease


· Taste development

· Avoid mid night deals


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