Something is Rank in the State of Data

This article summarizes a paper authored by Pranathi Mylavarapu, Adil Yalcin, Xan Gregg, Niklas Elmqvist. This paper will be presented at CHI 2019, a conference of Human-Computer Interaction, on…


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Take a Walk

Since the weather has started to warm up and summer is around the corner, I’ve been brainstorming ideas that could help me and many others be more active. I think the winter months can be depressing at times because it can be so cold and so dark. I started to feel not so great this past semester of school, but things have been starting to cheer up around here since the sun has been out and the grass has become a little greener. Here are some things, if you are struggling with depression or are just down with the blues, that can help brighten your day and help you enjoy the beauty that surrounds!

These are things and activities that can get you outside of the house and moving! I know that depression and anxiety is a mental illness that usually needs to be treated with medication, but I have found that going outside and giving myself time to think and breathe reduces feelings of sadness and anxiety. Get up, get outside, and get moving!

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