How HP aims to stay at the top of the PC market

Alex Cho took over as president of HP Personal Systems about six months ago, becoming the head of one of the largest PC businesses in the world. HP took the №1 spot in 2017. In 2018, depending on who…


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Enters the Yakuza Family!

The formidable force is stepping in to impose order and uproot chaos in meme coin space. We have been watching from behind the scenes and have decide to take action against the bad actors. The high time to purge the community from evils of these bad actors is upon us. There will be war, there will be blood. Dark times will end and justice will prevail through our katanas and bullets. You can choose to live with chivalry or die with honor.

We rule the underworld. We will rule here too!

Our mission is to build a family where everyone commits to bring value and honor to Yakuza. We will protect our members by creating a safe and secure place, and providing long-term utilities. Once you buy $Yakuza, you become part of the family. You can choose to join ranks of Shatei (little brother), Kyodia (elder brother) or Gashira (lieutenant). Each rank comes with its own free NFT drop and Staking apr.

We rise as a family, we thrive as a family.

· Building Team

· Brainstorming and Planning Yakuza

· Social Media Presence

· Marketing

· Contract Creation and Launching $Yakuza

· Liquidity Lock and Ownership Renounce

· Marking Including Raiders/Shillers/Callers/Influencers

· Dextools Update

· Buyback and Burns

· Staking

· CMC and CG Listings

· Competitions

· NFT Free Drop

· Partnerships

· Yakuza DAO

Family takes on from here and votes on more features for updated Roadmap….

Website: TBD

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