Global Automotive Rear Axle Steering System Market Comprehensive Insights and Growth Potential In The Future

The recent report titled as Global Automotive Rear Axle Steering System Market published by Report Consultant is a focused study encompassing the market segmentation primarily based on type and…


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Work smarter not harder

Product managers have a lot to do. As the intersection between marketing, technology and the business itself, a lot of information flows through or via Product Managers, and while acting as this conduit, there are the jobs that you are actually paid to do. Motivating teams, designing great user experiences, understanding the market, the competitors… the customers.

In a study by AlphaHQ, they found only 35% of product managers said, they spent enough time talking to their customers, and many said they spend twice as long dealing with internal stake holders as they do customers.

When it’s the customer that makes or breaks your product (usually breaks), this all seems pretty backwards, but is often understandable, increasingly business are moving project management work to Product people, as market forces move teams to try and do more with less. This is no bad thing, but technology and tooling need to keep up. The old maxim of ‘work smarter, not harder’ is fine and often possible, but get’s old quickly when no-one is suggesting the smarter bit.

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