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Lonely Child Travellers

Today was another one of those train episodes where I could not ignore noticing a little boy on the railway platform. He was in a clean school uniform torn around the knees and nicely polished shoes. As soon as i sat next to him the little kid felt uncomfortable for some reason and walked away from me. He found a farther seat to sit and wait. He looked like someone around 7 or 8 years old and definetlry travelling alone or escaping home.

I observed him for sometime and finally ended up asking him where he is going. ‘Bharathnagar' he shyly replied.

I asked him if he was travelling alone. He replied ‘my mom went to buy a ticket for me' and got up and walked super fast towards the ticketing counter. That was the last I saw of him. I searched for him all around but im sure he ran away.

I’m not sure what drove the boy to run away from home or school. I hope ends up going home and not some place horrible for his age.

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