Addiction Can Be a Corruptive Path

As King Trobane Discovered one Stormy fateful night. “Addiction Can Be a Corruptive Path” is published by Warren "Storyteller" Brown in SYNERGY.


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Budget of Consolidation 2018 Becomes Reality

This morning I signed into law the 2018 budget of our dear state.

As we bend our backs and put our hands to tasks at hand in growing our economy, we remain committed to where we are headed. We may be accused of being tad bit slow, we may be impatient to get where we want to be; but nobody, not even our fiercest critics can say Bauchi is where it used to be. For the strides made, I am grateful to God and you, the people of Bauchi state.

Our budget for 2018 shows consistency to keep the work and up the tempo. Education and Health still receives highest allocations, 19.22% and 15.23% respectively. We want to consolidate the gains made in this two sectors. Our Capital Expenditure to Recurrent Expenditure Ratio is at 60% to 40%. This will see us complete this year, all infrastructural projects started last year.

Again, to diversify our economy, we will be heavily investing in agriculture, solid mineral development and tourism.

The dividends of democracy must be felt in all cities, towns and villages in the state. The Budget of Consolidation is critical to our growth this year, to the glory of God and the betterment of our people. We remain committed to this cause, with singularity of purpose and clarity of approach.

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